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“Make the right choice, the NEO Choice”  

We are a small team of beauty enthusiasts, based in Canoga Park, California, who strongly believe that hot tools should only enhance a look and keep hair shiny and healthy, without the damage. That is why our styling tools are engineered with innovative technologies and designs that make them easier and better to use on a variety of hair types to maximize performance and the health of hair. The NEO Choice brand has always stood for exceptional, inventive products and authentic relationships that are tried, tested and true. As a brand with many cutting-edge products, we will continue to set the standard for reliable, advanced, and stylish quality products.



Our mission to redefine healthy hair is simple - we know that hot tools are tough on hair, but with our advanced healthy-hair technologies, you can still achieve the look you want, without damaging your strands.  In addition to pulling inspiration from the sunshine state, our styling tools are uniquely designed with a little something special to keep hair healthy and strong, with each use. Technologies like Far Infrared which works on multiple levels to significantly reduce hair breakage and damage. From coastal waves, to business casual straight, to a night-on-the-town up-do, we are surrounded by beauty that allows us to design products that keep hair looking gorgeous and healthy.