Easy Comb

You’ve got high maintenance hair, and if it takes a little something extra to get it perfect, no problem. That’s why you always use the NEO Choices Easy Comb to help straighten your hair. You don’t want to spend your time running hair tools repeatedly over your hair. With the v-comb, you don’t have to. Just run the comb over the section of hair you want to straighten and the curl practically falls out of the hair before the iron even touches it. You won’t believe how easy straightening natural hair will be.


 EASY GRIP COMB that makes hair styling fast and easy.
 UNTANGLES KNOTS with ease to present a painless experience.
 USE WITH HAIR STRAIGHTENING IRONS for straighter, smoother looking hair.
 HEAT RESISTANT up-to 400 degrees so you don’t have to worry about singeing your hair or hands.
 GENTLE BRISTLES that minimize frizz, static, split ends and breakage and suit all types of hair; fine, curly or thick
 COLORS: Green, Purple, Grey, White, Turquoise, Rose Gold

With these V styling combs for women, your days of struggling with unruly locks are over. It’s hinged handle technology is spring loaded to allow the perfect amount of tension to be applied to hair. The ends of the comb lock to hold hair taut and untangled, allowing the comb to glide through. Waves and curls fall away before the iron even touches the hair.

Want your straight hair to last longer? Leave the flat iron on the shelf! Just clamp hair in this professional styling comb and run it down the hair. The NEO Easy Comb will get your hair so straight, you just may want to give your hair straightener the day off.

Just clamp the comb down on the section of hair you’re working with and aim the blowdryer. This v shaped hair straightening comb is heat resistant up to 400 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about singeing your hair or your hand. 

Want to get even when it comes to the ends of your hair? This salon styling comb has you covered. Section the hair, secure with the comb, pull through to the hair ends, and trim where needed. The spring-loaded grip holds hair in place, so you’ll get an even, salon style trim without the salon cost and visit for healthy, bouncy, silky smooth hair.